Biohab, a framework for the coordination of biodiversity and habitats (BioHab)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Energy, environment and sustainable development

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Start date: 01/12/2002
End date: 30/11/2005
Funding: 671022 EUR


The BioHab Concerted Action is designed to provide a forum to develop a framework whereby biodiversity assessment can be improved by closer coordination with existing habitat information. The latter are known to be available in existing databases but need to be systematically ascribed to the relevant levels of the EUNIS classification. It is therefore necessary to examine the available information to derive common standards and to provide guidelines for future field recording. The implementation of current projects in the field of biodiversity assessment has provided valuable insights into the practical needs when working with the EUNIS classification both in the field and in the policy arena. The overall objective of BioHab is to produce user friendly descriptions of habitats at an appropriate level for consistent application throughout Europe and to show how these can be linked to measures of biodiversity.

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