Rapid estimationof TMF using laborator, field and computer modelling methods in aquatic organisms (TMF2)

Project leader

Funding source

Cefic European Chemical Industry Council

Project Details

Start date: 01/12/2009
End date: 30/11/2012
Funding: 65376 EUR


The overall objective of the project is:

  • to develop a tiered strategy for the rapid, economical, and reliable determination of the TMF of new and existing organic chemicals in aquatic food webs.

The proposal has been conceived under the premise that the TMF information should serve two uses:

  1. as a tool to identify bioaccumulating chemicals according to the definition TMF > 1, i.e. to classify chemicals into one of 2 bins;
  2. as a methodology to estimate TMF in field situations for exposure and risk assessment, i.e. to generate quantitative estimates of TMF in diverse food webs.

To achieve the objective, the following innovative techniques will be applied:

  • a tiered approach to TMF assessment whereby progression to more rigorous and costly assessment methodologies will be based on weight of evidence obtained at lower tiers that the TMF is equal to or exceeds one;
  • internal benchmarking of TMF testing to chemicals with known TM behaviour to improve/ corroborate the reliability of the TMF determination, thereby reducing costs;
  • integration of in-silico and in-vitro estimates for biotransformation into TMF assessment;
  • passive sampling of biota in in-vivo experiments to reduce the number of animals required and increase the precision of the results;
  • application of state-of-the-art modelling that integrates laboratory-derived in-vitro and in-vivo data for delineation of the variability in TMF between different ecosystems.

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