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Address: Universitetsvägen 10F, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden


I am a professor of Economics at SOFI, Stockholm University. My current research interests include labor economics, migration, health economics and political economy.

Current Research

Making Gender Attitudes Change - The Effect of Random Allocation of Women to Male Teams (with Gordon Dahl and Andreas Kotsadam). NBER Working Paper No. 24351, 2018; IZA Discussion Paper No. 11323, 2018. Revise and resubmit at Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Long-Run Effects of Free School Lunches: Evidence from Administrative Data (with Petter Lundborg and Jesper Petersen). IZA Discussion Paper No. 11234, 2018. Revise and resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies.

Backlash in Attitudes After the Election of Extreme Political Parties (with Magnus Carlsson and Gordon Dahl) NBER Working Paper No. 21062, 2018; IZA Discussion Paper No. 11759, 2018.

Health and Unemployment during Macroeconomic Crises (with Prashant Bharadwaj and Petter Lundborg) NBER Working Paper No. 21353, 2015. Revise and resubmit at Journal of Public Economics.

Choosing a STEM education - Intergenerational effects in type of secondary education (with Anders Stenberg and Gordon Dahl)

Explaining the Gender Wage Gap Among Recent College Graduates - Pre-Labor Market Factors or Employer Discrimination? (with Magnus Carlsson and Abdulaziz Abrar Reshid)

Most recent publications

Neighborhood Signaling Effects, Commuting Time, and Employment: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Magnus Carlsson and Abdulaziz Abrar Reshid). International Journal of Manpower. 39(4): 534-549.

The Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital. The Role of Skills and Health (2018, with Petter Lundborg and Martin Nordin). forthcoming in the Journal of Population Economics.

Birth Weight in the Long Run (2018, with Prashant Bharadwaj and Petter Lundborg). Journal of Human Resources. 53(1): 189-231.

Ethnic Discrimination in Hiring, Labor Market Tightness and the Business Cycle - Evidence from Field Experiments (2018, with Magnus Carlsson and Luca Fumarco). Applied Economics, 50(24): 2652–2663.

Job search methods and wages: are natives and immigrants different? (2018, with Magnus Carlsson and Stefan Eriksson). The Manchester School. 86(2): 219-247.

Selected Publications

Do Employers Use Unemployment as a Sorting Criterion When Hiring? Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Stefan Eriksson), American Economic Review 104(3). 2014, 1014-1039.

Critical Periods During Childhood and Adolescence: A Study of Adult Height Among Immigrant Siblings (with Gerard van den Berg, Petter Lundborg and Paul Nystedt), Journal of the European Economic Association 12(6), 2014, 1521-1557.

The Effect of Schooling on Cognitive Skills (with Magnus Carlsson, Gordon Dahl and Björn Öckert), Review of Economics and Statistics 97(3), 2015, 533-547.

Parental Education and Offspring Outcomes: Evidence from the Swedish Compulsory Schooling Reform (with Petter Lundborg and Anton Nilsson), American Economic Journal: Applied 6(1), 2014, 253-278.

Height and Earnings: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills (with Petter Lundborg and Paul Nystedt), Journal of Human Resources 49(1), 2014, 141-166.

Employer Attitudes, the Marginal Employer and the Ethnic Wage Gap (with Magnus Carlsson), Industrial Labor Relations Review, 69, 2016, 227-252.

Body Size, Skills, and Income: Evidence From 150,000 Teenage Siblings (with Petter Lundborg and Paul Nystedt), Demography 51, 2014, 1573-1596.

Adolescent Health and Adult Labor Market Outcomes (with Petter Lundborg and Paul Nystedt), Journal of Health Economics 37, 2014, 25-40.

The role of automatic obesity stereotypes in real hiring discrimination (with Jens Agerström), Journal of Applied Psychology 96(4), 2011, 790-805.

Automatic associations and discrimination in hiring: Real world evidence, Labour Economics 17, 2010, 523-534.

Education-occupation mismatch: Is there an income penalty? (with Martin Nordin and Inga Persson), Economics of Education Review 29(6), 2010, 1047-1059

Obesity, attractiveness and differential treatment in hiring - a field experiment, Journal of Human Resources 44(3), 2009, 710-735.

Do When and Where Matter? Initial Labor Market Conditions and Immigrant Earnings (with Olof Åslund), Economic Journal 117(3), 2007, 422-448.

Selection in migration and return-migration: evidence from micro data (with Jan Saarela), Economic Letters 94(1), 2007, 90-95.

Evidence of Ethnic Discrimination in the Swedish Labor Market Using Experimental Data (with Magnus Carlsson), Labour Economics 14, 2007, 716-729.

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