Dr Torsten Santavirta


Fields of interest: Applied Microeconomics, Labor and Health Economics

Profiles: Web of science profile: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-3918-2014 IDEAS: https://ideas.repec.org/f/psa962.html

Completed Papers:

New Evidence on Implicit Contracts from Linked Employer-Employee Data. with Juha Kilponen. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (December 2010)

How Large Are the Effects from Temporary Changes in Family Environment: Evidence from a Child-Evacuation Program during World War II. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (July 2012)

The Effect of Church Tax on Church Membership. with Teemu Lyytikäinen. Journal of Population Economics (July 2013) [Freakonomics mention]

Child Protection and Adult Depression: Evaluating the Long-term Consequences of Evacuating Children to Foster Care during World War II. with Nina Santavirta. Health Economics (March 2014, Lead Article)

Child Protection and Adult Mortality: Evaluating the Finnish Policy of Evacuating Children to Foster Care during World War II. American Journal of Public Health (September 2014)

Does Placing Children in Foster Care Increase Their Adult Criminality?
with Matthew Lindquist. Labour Economics (December 2014)

Long term mental health outcomes of Finnish children evacuated to Swedish families during the second world war and their non-evacuated siblings: cohort study. with Nina Santavirta, Theresa Betancourt, and Stephen Gilman. BMJ (January 2015) [Reuters Health mention]

Reproductive Behavior Following Evacuation to Foster Care during World War II. with Mikko Myrskylä. Demographic Research (July 2015).

Working Papers:

Importance of family background for economic status – evidence from child evacuations. with Markus Jantti (Please email the authors for manuscript)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf / 95676)

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