Dr Karin Halldén

Email: karin.hallden@sofi.su.se
Phone: + 46 (0)8 16 28 62
Address: Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Karin Halldén is associate professor (docent) at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI). She received her PhD in sociology in 2011.

Research interests

Gender differences in labour market careers and working lives.


What's Sex Got to Do with It? Women and Men in European Labour Markets (2011). Swedish Institute for Social Research Dissertation Series no. 85.

Recent work

Halldén, K. and Stenberg, A. (2018). "The relationship between hours of outsourced domestic services and female earnings: Evidence from a Swedish tax reform." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (RSSM), vol. 55, 120-133.

Halldén, K., Säve-Söderbergh, J. and Rosén, Å. (2018). "Gender of the immediate manager and women’s wages: The importance of managerial position." Social Science Research, vol. 72, 115-133.

Boye, K., Halldén, K. and Magnusson, C. (2017). "Stagnation only on the surface? The implications of skill and family responsibilities for the gender wage gap in Sweden, 1974-2010." British Journal of Sociology, vol. 68(4), 595-619.

Grönlund, A., Halldén, K. and Magnusson, C. (2017). "A Scandinavian success story? Women's labour market outcomes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden." Acta Sociologica, vol. 60(2), 97-119.

Gallie, D., Gebel, M., Giesecke, J., Halldén, K., van der Meer, P. and Wielers, R. (2016). "Quality of work and job satisfaction: Comparing female part-time work in four European countries." International Review of Sociology/Revue Internationale de Sociologie, vol. 26(3), 457-481.

Halldén, K., Levanon, A. and Kricheli-Katz, T. (2016). "Does the motherhood wage penalty differ by individual skill and country family policy? A longitudinal study of ten European countries." Social Politics, 23(3), 363-388.

Halldén, K. and Härkönen, J. (2015). "Vertical and horizontal segregation at labor market entry in Sweden: Birth cohorts 1925-85". Pp. 184-202 in H.-P. Blossfeld, J. Skopek, M. Triventi and S. Buchholz (eds.), Gender, Education, and Employment. An International Comparison of School-To-Work Transitions. Cheltenham/Massachusetts: Edward Elgar.

Halldén, K. and Stenberg, A. (2015). "Ökar RUT-avdrag kvinnors arbetsmarknadsutbud? [Does subsidized domestic services increase women's labour supply?]". Ekonomisk Debatt, nr. 2, årgång 43.

Halldén, K. (2015). "Taking training to task: Sex of the immediate supervisor and men's and women's time in initial on-the-job training". Work and Occupations, 42(1), 73-102.

Other assignments

Associate editor of Social Politics.

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