Dr Ingrid Esser

Email: Ingrid.Esser@sofi.su.se
Mobile: +46 70 2205560
Phone: +46 8 163451
Address: SOFI, Stockhom University, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden


Ingrid, PhD in sociology and researcher at the Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University.

Ingrid's research centers around the sociology of work, work values, job preferences, job quality, matching in the labour market, well-being and health, as well as stress around the work-family life interface. Often a comparative perspective is taken, where both individual and societal factors importance for explaining attitudes and behaviour are evaluated. Of particular interest is the importance of and interconnectedness between institutions of social policy and the labour markets. Research is empirically oriented.

Work in progress/forthcoming:
Berglund, T., & Esser, I. (forthcoming). Matching Job Preferences with Job Qualities
for Job Satisfaction: How Institutions Matter for Matching Across 24 Countries.
10 in B. Furåker & K. Håkansson (Eds.), Commitment to Work. New York: Routledge.

Recent publications:
Esser, I. (2018). "Matching on Job Quality
among Single and Couple Parents: How Institutions' Buffer through Times
of Crisis across Europe", in R. Nieuwenhuis and L. C. Maldonado,
(eds.), The Triple Bind of Single-Parent Families. University of Bristol
Policy Press.

Esser, I. (2017). "Single and Couple Parents'
Self-Rated Health across Europe: Socio-Economic Factors, Job Context and
Social Protection", in F. Portier, (ed.), Fertility, Health and Lone
Parenting: European Contexts. Oxford: Routledge.

Esser, Ingrid, and Joakim Palme. 2016. "Thematic Report on retirement regimes for workers in arduous or hazardous jobs, Sweden, 2016." European Social Policy Network (ESPN). Report for the European Commission, Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Unit: Modernisation of social protection systems. European Union, 2016. Available online .

Esser, Ingrid. 2015. "Looking to the Nordics? The Swedish Social Investment Model in View of 2030." Ch. 11 in C. Chwalisz and P. Diamond. (eds.) The Predistribution Agenda: Tackling Inequality and Supporting Sustainable Growth. London: I.B. Taurus.

Esser, Ingrid, and Ola Sjöberg (2014). "Arbetsmarknadsmodeller." Pp. 150-170 (kap. 7) in Ekonomi & Samhälle, edited by Adel Daoud, and Bengt Larsson. Stockholm: Liber.

Berglund, Tomas, and Ingrid Esser (2014). "Modell i förändring. Landrapport om Sverige." Fafo-rapport 2014:10. NordMod2030, Delrapport 8. Oslo: FAFO.

Esser, I. (2012). 'Ikke bare for pengene? Arbeidsmotivasjon, pensjonspreferanser og pliktfølelse i forskjellige velferdsstater'. I Stjernø, S and øverbye, E (eds.) 'Hva får folk til å arbeide? Lyst, plikt eller insentiver?'. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo.

Esser, I. and Karen Olsen. 2012. "Perceived Job Quality: Autonomy and Job Security within a Multi-Level Framework. European Sociological Review 28(4):443-454.

Esser I, Palme J. 2010. Do public pensions matter for health and wellbeing among retired persons? Basic and income security pensions across 13 Western European countries. International Journal of Social Welfare 2010: 19: S103-S120.

-. 2005. Why Work? Comparative Studies on Welfare Regimes and Individuals' Work Orientations. Doctoral Dissertation Series, No. 64 Thesis, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, Stockholm.

Teaching/ supervisory assignments:
I have been teaching and supervising for several years, generally in relation to comparative sociology and methodology at both undergraduate and graduate level. I welcome propositions of topics in relation to my field of research. Various data-sets, national and comparative, are available for quantitatively oriented essays. Qualitative approaches are also encouraged.

Find Ingrid's CV below.

CV Esser 20190204.pdf (pdf / 254498)


Matching of Job Preferences for Sustainable Work Lives: The Swedish Welfare State in Comparative Perspective
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017
Ett hållbart arbetsliv är av stor socialpolitisk betydelse givet en ökande försörjningsbörda, återkommande ekonomiska kriser och arbetsmarknader i förändring. Samtidigt visar forskning i såväl Sverige som internationellt a...

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