Prof Ola Sjöberg

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Phone: +46 8 162150
Address: Ola Sjöberg, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Universitetsvägen 10F, Stockholm University, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden


I am professor of sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research. My main research interests are comparative social policy and labour market research and how social institutions affect health and well-being. I also teach the course "Work organization and working conditions" (AKPA 2).

Publications in peer-reviewed

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Sjöberg, O. "Paying
for Social Rights
". Journal of Social Policy, vol. 28(2):

Other publications (selection)

Ferrarini, T., Nelson, K. Palme, J. and O. Sjöberg, (2012) Sveriges
socialförsäkringar i jämförande perspektiv. En institutionell analys av sjuk-,
arbetsskade- och arbetslöshetsförsäkringarna i 18 OECD-länder 1930 till 2010.
("Social Insurance in Sweden in Comparative Perspective. An Institutional
Analysis of Sickness-, Work Accident- and Unemployment Insurance in 18 OECD
countries 1930-2010"). Underlagsrapport nr. 10 till den parlamentariska
socialförsäkringsutredningen (S 2010:04). Stockholm: Socialdepartementet.

Palme, J., K. Nelson, O. Sjöberg and R. Minas. (2009). European Social Models,
Protection and Inclusion. Research Report 2009/1, Institute for Futures Studies.

Palme, Joakim, Å. Bergmark, O. Bäckman, F. Estrada, J. Fritzell, O. Lundberg,
O. Sjöberg, L. Sommestad and M. Szebehely. (2003). A Welfare Balance Sheet for
the 1990s. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, Supplement 60, August

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