Prof Anders Björklund


Fields of research: Labour and family economics: earnings and income inequality, economics of education, labour market performance and family background, labour-market and family policy.

Most cited papers (ISI):
1. "Is there a Glass Ceiling in Sweden?", Journal of Labor Economics 2003. With James Albrecht and Susan Vroman.
2. "The Estimation of Wage Gains and Welfare Gains from Self-selection Models", The Review of Economics and Statistics 1987. With Robert Moffitt.
3. "Intergenerational Income Mobility in Sweden Compared to the United States", American Economic Review 1997. With Markus Jäntti.
4. "The Origins of Intergenerational Associations: Lessons from Swedish Adoption Data", Quarterly Journal of Economics 2006.
5. "A Comparison between Actual Distributions of Annual and Lifetime Income: Sweden 1951-1989", Review of Income and Wealth 1993.
6. "Income Inequality and Income Mobility in the Scandinavian Countries Compared to the United States", Review of Income and Wealth 2002. With Rolf Aaberge, Markus Jäntti, Mårten Palme, Peder Pedersen, Nina Smith and Tom Wennemo.
7. "Unemployment and Mental Health: Some Evidence from Panel Data", Journal of Human Resources 1985.
8. "Intergenerational income mobility and the role of family background", Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality 2009. With Markus Jäntti.
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10. "Brother Correlations in Earnings in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden compared to the United States", Journal of Population Economics 2002. With Tor Eriksson, Markus Jäntti, Oddbjörn Raaum & Eva österbacka.

Some recent work:
"Nationalekonomisk toppforskning i Sverige -- omfattning, lokalisering och inriktning, Ekonomisk Debatt 2014, nr 5"
"Equality of opportunity and the distribution of long-run income in Sweden", Social Choice and Welfare, 2012. With Markus Jäntti and John E Roemer.
"How important is family background for labor-economic outcomes?", Labour Economics 2012. With Markus Jäntti.
"Intergenerational Top Income Mobility in Sweden: Capitalist dynasties in the land of equal opportunity?", 2012, Journal of Public Economics. With Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström.

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