Jenny Säve-Söderbergh

Mobile: +46761411312
Address: Universitetsvägen 10 F, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden


Short presentation:

I am an associate
professor at the Swedish Institute for Social Research doing research on behavioral
and labor economics with a strong emphasis on gender differences in economic
decision-making. My research explores issues of e.g. gender gaps in negotiation
behavior and outcomes, risk-taking, gender composition as well as in financial

In my work I have used
several natural experiments from the game-show Jeopardy and Junior-Jeopardy as well as
a large pension reform in Sweden. I have also exploited a random assignment of
gender composition to estimate causal effects of social context on gender gaps
in risk-taking and performance among children and adults. My current research
contains new experimental work on negotiation behavior and work on
intergenerational transmission of debt norms.

Currently I also work (50
percent) as a researcher at the Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate,
Inspektionen för Socialförsäkringen.

Selected Research by Field:

Gender Gaps in Negotiations:

Gaps in Negotiations: Salary Requests and Starting Salaries in the Field” (revise and resubmit in Journal of Economic Behavior and
Organization, 2018).

“Gender gaps in
negotiations using experimental Data on
Salary Negotiation”, joint with Christine Alamaa and Åsa Rosén. Ongoing
project 2018-

”Attitudes and Social Costs in
Negotiations - Evaluating Gender Gaps in Negotiation Behavior”, Ongoing
project 2018-

Gender Gaps in Risk-taking: Among
Children, In Pension Choices and by Social Context

Children do not behave
like adults: Gender gaps in performance and risk taking within a random social
context in the high-stakes game shows Jeopardy and Junior Jeopardy
Economic Journal (2017),
joint work with Gabriella Sjögren-Lindquist.

Self-Directed Pensions:
Gender, Risk & Portfolio Choices
", Scandinavian Journal of
Economics, 2012, Vol. 114, pages 705-728.

"Girls will be Girls -
Especially among Boys: Risk-taking in the 'Daily Double' on Jeopardy
joint with Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist, Economics Letters, 2011, Vol. 112, p.
158-160, joint work with Gabriella Sjögren-Lindquist.

Policy-oriented Reports on Gender Equality in Pensions

"Makar som
delar på kakan- En ESO rapport om jämställda pensioner"
, a report evaluating
spouses' choices of survivor's covers
and voluntary transfers of pension rights in promoting gender equality in
pension incomes, published by ESO, Finansdepartementet, December 2017.

i val och avkastning – en forsknings och kunskapsöversikt över individuella
placeringsval inom premiepensionen och tjänstepensionen
”, kapitel i SOU:2014 för
Delegationen för Jämställdhet i arbetslivet, (2014).

Manager Gender and Wages

of the Immediate Manager and Women's Wages: The Importance of Managerial
”, joint with Karin Halldén and Åsa Rosén, forthcoming in
Social Science Research.

Financial Literacy

“Subjective Borrowing constraints and
Intergenerational Transmission of Debt Norms” (2018) joint with Johan
Almenberg, Annamaria Lusardi and Roine Vestman. This project is a part of the
international project “The Financial Literacy
”, headed by Annamaria Lusardi and Rob Alessie.

Financial Literacy and
Retirement Planning in Sweden
”, joint with Johan Almenberg, Journal
of Pension Economics and Finance, 2011, Vol. 10, pages 585-598.

– Räknefärdighet och finansiell förmåga 2015
”, Finansinspektionen (2015).


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