A better fish bioconcentration test (BETTER-BCF)

Project leader


Funding source

Cefic European Chemical Industry Council
Övriga utländska finansiärer

Project Details

Start date: 15/12/2008
End date: 14/12/2010
Funding: 157582 EUR


The overall objective of the proposed research is to reduce the cost and the number of animals needed to measure the bioconcentration factor (BCF) of organic chemicals in fish, using the accepted "gold standard"OECD 305 as the point of referencwe. More specifically, the goals are to: - Reduce the number of fish used from a minimum of 40 to 4 (by >90%) - Reduce the length of the test from a minimum of 6 weeks to 2 weeks - Reduce the analytical costs by reducing the number of analyses in a complex matrix (fish) by >90% - Increase the precision and occurancy of the BCF determination - Deminstration that the test can be conducted simultaneously for different substances. To achieve these goals , the following innovative techniqes will be applied: - Passive doing to maintain constant concentrations in the dissolved phase - Internal benchmarking chemicals to reduce the effects of inter-individual variability and other experimental variables on the BCF determination and provide a simple and reliable indicator as to whether critical BCF thresholds are exceeded - passive samplers in water to benchmark the chemical uptake rate to assess whether is is similar for the test chemical and the reference chemical - passive samplers in fish to allow kinetics to be followed in an individual fish rather than a succession of the indiviuals.

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